Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am no longer trading in tobacco products, and still receiving mail about changing the incorrect addresses.

Persons who have terminated their business activities related to the trade in tobacco products may de-register their Economic operators and Facilities (in the case of manufacturers, also Machines). Details of de-registration are available here.

I receive e-mails about the verification of facility type.

The Ministry of Finance identified a significant number of entities in the Track & Trace system whose retail outlets (shops, kiosks, etc.) or warehouses have been incorrectly registered as "Manufacturing Site with Warehouse" instead of "Retail Outlet" or "Independent Warehouse".
Facilities can search by filtering them by type
Search facilities
Search facilities

If the search returns results with an incorrect facility type, please edit the facility according to the instruction Edit facility.
We also encourage you to read the information on the MF website here

What to do if you move your business to a new location?

The existing facility in the old premises (retail outlet, warehouse, manufacturing site with warehouse) must be deregistered and then a new facility must be registered with a new address. Facilities with the old address format must be updated to the new format before being deregistered. A guide can be found here

What to do if a facility (or economic operator) was registered twice by mistake?

In this case, one of the objects must be deregistered. When trading tobacco products, it is essential to use one code (the active object). Duplicated facilities
Duplicated facilities

Address change

The European Union regulation requires a change in the form of all the addresses.

Address change notification
Address change notification

Additionally on lists of economic operators and facilities records required to change are marked.

Address change notification on list
Address change notification on list

Instruction containing data editing of economic operator (including address) is available here Edit economic operator.
Instruction containing data editing of facility (including address) is available here Edit facility.

How to verify if the address data of the economic operator/facility has been modified?

How can I download the registration confirmation?

Can I check if the code I received is correct?

The account has been blocked due to too many attempts of typing an incorrect password

Failure to log in after registration

After registration the operator/facility registration option is not visible

How to transmit a file containing a list of counterparties to be registered in the system?

Where can I find the documentation applicable to the API system and/or interface?

What characters should the password consist of?

Is the code scanner able to read the code printed on the tobacco product?

Should I register in the ID Issuer system?

Is it obligatory to register the operator and facility in the ID Issuer system?

How to fill out the application for the economic operator identifier code

How to fill out the application for the facility identifier code

Whom are the identifiers of unit pack and aggregate packaging intended for?

The following error notification appeared while filling out the form: “Field validation error ISO 8859-15. Complete the field without using diacritics.”. What does it indicate?

I did not receive a confirmation e-mail after registering the operator/facility.

I made an error while filling out the application. What can I do?

I am a member of a commercial network that registered an outlet managed by me.

Where I can find information about structure of the unique identifiers?